St. Maarten Traveling

There are many tips that can be offered for saving money and being safe while on the island.

Dining Out:

-When dining out some of the restaurants will add 15% to your bill. This would be listed as Tax or SC Service Charge. The truth in the matter is there the island does not have a dining tax. So the island may be able to take advantage of you if you are not aware of this. You could consider the extra 15% that they have charged you as a tip. Instead of paying a 30% tip.
-If you ask for water the restaurant will just assume that you want bottled water which could cost you 4 or 5 USD. So be sure to clarify that you want tap water.
-On some of the islands they are able to print your full credit card number on the merchant copy of your receipt. To protect yourself just check and see if they did print the entire number. If they have then just scribble it out. There is no penalty for scribbling your credit card number out and it protects you.

Car Rental:

Saint_martin_mapThere are many things to do all around the island. If you are wary of taxi services, and prefer to drive around yourself, St maarten car rental is the best way to go.  They have reliable cars for good prices, and help in the road 24/7


While on the island you want to be sure to stay safe. Below you will find things you need to do to keep yourself safe while on the island.

-Protect yourself from the mosquitoes.
-You will want to pack a lot of sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun.
-Though the islands are generally safe, there still is the chance of crime just like everywhere else in the world. You should be aware of your surroundings, and don’t flash your money or your jewelry around in the open.
-You want to take precaution when drinking. It is easy to overdue while in St. Maarten due to it being so inexpensive, and easily accessible.
-If you are staying at Maho Bay you want to be careful to watch for approaching and departing planes. You don’t want to get hit with the Jet Blast as it could seriously injure you.
-For the GLBT travelers you want to well aware of your surroundings. Many of the Caribbean Islands local culture do not have the same level of acceptance found in other countries.